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of 5300 м2
In Almaty and Taldykorgan


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I express gratitude to sales representatives of ALIDI Group.
I’m glad that our companies are working together so efficient more than 3 years since 2016.
I would like to point out that on-time goods delivery and display are positive factors not only for the image of our companies, but also for the sales growth.
Moreover I would like to express my appreciation to merchandising specialists for on-time goods presentation according to corporate rules.
I look forward to further development of our companies!
Olga Shegurova
General Director of Magnum cash&carry branch in Kaskelen
I express gratitude to ALIDI Group and to sales representative Lapteva Victoria personally for mutual work.
Every day you demonstrate us your professional attitude by handling arising tasks and providing comprehensive support to your partners. Cooperation with you is secure and profitable.
Thank you and good luck to our companies.
Gulnur Abisheva
General Director of Magnum cash&carry branch in Almaty
Our company expresses its sincere gratitude to the ALIDI team for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
I would like to emphasize the highly professional work of your entire team, which timely informs about new products and provides seamless goods delivery on a full scale.
We are delighted with your broad assortment of products and flexible approach to business relationships.
Thank you for your cooperation!
Djeyrana Akhmetova
Category manager of Econom Market LLP
We express our gratitude to the ALIDI team for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.
I would like to distinguish the scope and variety  of high-quality products, on-time delivery and staff  qualifications. Thank you for your high involvement, efficiency, professionalism, initiative and understanding.
Let us especially note the sales representative Svetlana, who cooperates with our organization directly. We respect and appreciate your work!
Irina Kolesnikova
Accounting of HUSEINOFF & Co
We are grateful to the ALIDI team for successful and fruitful cooperation.
Over the long-term collaboration ALIDI has established itself as a supplier  of quality products with a high degree of professional attitude.
We would like to express our special gratitude to the employees who work with our supermarket for their competence, patience and ability to resolve issues as soon as possible.
We look forward to further development of our business partnerships!
Natalia Kuznetcova
Manager of Dastarkhan-Sauda LLP
I would like to express gratitude to the ALIDI team for mutually beneficial cooperation and respectable partnerships over the long-term collaboration.
You know how to find an individual approach to your partners,  illustrate  effectiveness  in solving any arising issue. Your focus on results is impressive. Doing business with you is a pleasant and secure experience.
I hope for your reliability and good reputation in the future.
Elena Krivenko
Manager of Dastarkhan LLP
I would like to say thank you and express my sincere gratitude to the entire ALIDI team for fruitful long-term cooperation.
Your partners can trust you with seamless goods supply and prompt response to any problem situations.
I look forward to further cooperation.
Yerbolat Nurmukhanov
Head of Section AF 15 Magnum Cash & Carry LLP


ALIDI Kazakhstan is one of the largest distributor in the territory of Almaty and Almaty region.

We are the authorized distributor for MARS, ROLLTON (in Almaty and the region).

We supply products under the following brand names: SNICKERS, Mars, Twix, BOUNTY, MilkyWay chocolate bars, M&M'S candy-coated chocolate chocolate, Dove, A. Korkunov chocolate, Orbit chewing gums, Juicy Fruit, Skittles gummy candy, Pedigree, Whiskas, Kitekat, Chappi, Sheba pet food, as well as pasta, sauces, spices Rollton, Bigbon Instant Noodles, Actibo drinks.

Today ALIDI has a wide distribution network, a professional team of sales representatives and merchandisers and over 9.000 food retail outlets covered.

Among them are large retail chains, wholesale companies and private entrepreneurs.

In its work ALIDI Kazakhstan focuses on the development of business, technology, partnerships with customers and suppliers.

ALIDI Kazakhstan practices different sales techniques:

  • pre-selling (advance sales);

ALIDI Kazakhstan uses various types of trade channels:

  • national retailers;
  • regional trade networks;
  • traditional channels;
  • special channels;
  • wholesale;
  • HoReCa.


  • HAB - Depot
Minsk Kazan Krasnodar Nizhniy Novgorod Moscow St. Petersburg Taldyqorg'an Almaty

Taldyqorg'an, Zheltoksan st, 7

Phone: +7 (7282) 21-44-13;
+7 (7282) 21-53-60;
+7 (7282) 21-44-56


050030, Almaty, Suyunbai Ave. (Krasnogvardeisky Trakt), d.258V

Phone: +7 (727) 341-01-24
Email: alidi@alidi.com